White-label Ad Exchange Platform

An affordable, feature rich, comprehensive and powerful solution for you to start connecting demand and supply for guaranteed profit.

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Adtransfer works differently.

Here's why


With Adtransfer there are not set-up fees. We will install your equipment completely free of charge.


With Adtransfer you can stop worrying about paying per a set amount of requests made to your feeds.


With Adtransfer, the profit you make is yours to keep. There is 0% revenue / profit sharing with us.

One platform for all

Complete solution for the most popular ad formats

Tackle into trading ad traffic for the most popular ad formats on the market. Our solution offers highly customizable features for each individual format.

Banner ads

A form of display advertising with creative rectangular ads that are shown along the top, side, or bottom of a website.

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Direct link ads

Also known as smart links, they are a very flexible format allowing placement directly within a website's content.

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Native ads

A form of paid advertising in which the ads match the look, feel and function of the media format where they appear.

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Pop ads

Pop ads are usually a window that is displayed in the foreground or background of the visual interface.

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Push ads

Ads delivered via browser push notifications which are being delivered even when the website is not in focus.

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Fully automated, user friendly experience

Adtransfer was developed placing focus on the user experience and ease of use. As far as knowledge goes, if you understand the concept of this market and you can use copy / paste, you are good to go, because the platform will do the rest.

  • Reporting

    Our technology allows you to stop guessing and start making profit.

  • Management

    Easy and convenient management of users and website properties.

  • Payment system

    Plan ahead, scale and manage your payments from within.

  • Mass editting

    Edit users, websites, demand and supply endpoints, all at once.

What makes Adtransfer different?!

We offer a solution to a problem, not a platform.

Our team has been working in this industry since 2010. We are fully aware of the options available out there and their issues, hence we came up with solutions.

Fixed monthly price.

No hidden commissions, no QPS costs, no profit sharing. You rent dedicated infrastructure with platform installed.

Automatic optimization

In order to ease your work, we've developed AI that will optimize your demand and supply according to your needs.

Top-notch filters

When it comes to filtering bad traffic we probably have the most advanced filter system available in the industry.

Hands-on assistance

We're here for you. Each of our clients gets a personal assistant to help them whenever needed.