Understand the concept

What is scalability?

Scalability describes a system's elasticity. While we often use it to refer to a system's ability to grow, it is not exclusive to this definition. We can scale down, scale up, and scale out accordingly.

What we offer is

Reliable horizontal scaling

Horizontal scaling (aka scaling out) refers to adding additional nodes or machines to your infrastructure to cope with new demands. Adtransfer was build to be able to incorporate multiple servers into a cloud, each serving its own purpose while overall contributing to your growth.

The platform was designed to allow almost infinite scaling and growth. We considered all aspects of this whole resource intensive business of buying and selling ad traffic.

No downtime when upgrading

Adding more servers to your platform's cloud does not create any downtime. We know how much of an issue that would create therefor it is 100% mitigated.

Instant performance boost

The results of adding new servers are instantly visible right in your dashboard. You have access to each of your components' details, information and load.

  • Steady growth
  • Reliable infrastructure
  • Zero downtime
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What you get with

The most basic setup

Starting up with Adtransfer equals having your very own 2 server cloud on which the platform is installed. These two servers are custom built, in the sense of what resources they are given to serve their purpose.

Load balancer

This is your "main" server and by default it will be loaded with more RAM memory and higher capacity hard drives than your upstream servers because its purpose is to store and give access to data whenever needed.

Hosts your platform files

Hosts your database

Distributes requests towards your upstream servers

Upstream server

This server is your "workhorse" and does most of the heavy pulling. Handling high volume of incoming requests is a very resource intensive process and requires more computing power, therefor this server will be equipped with better performing CPUs.

Handles requests from supply endpoints

Queries demand endpoints

Interprets the results

Understand how

Expand beyond the basic setup

As your needs grow, we can add more servers to your cloud. Initially, we will add more upstream servers to handle incoming requests. If the load balancer gets overrun, we will deploy the database on separate servers to ease up its load. If you go beyond 60 000 QPS another balancer will be added to help with the distribution of requests to upstream servers. All in all, you are free to grow as much as you want.

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  • Fixed price
  • No hidden fees
  • 100% scalable
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