Understand what Adtransfer is, the concept behind it and its uses.

Service description

Adtransfer is a white-label ad exchange platform that allows its clients to trade ad traffic with other exchanges, ad networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers.

The platform acts as a self-sustained environment and offers complete capabilities for integration and traffic exchange for ad formats such as banner ads, direct link ads, native ads, pop ads and push ads.

Adtransfer offers a complete exchange solution for clients which includes :

  • An administrative interface
  • A publisher interface
  • An advertiser interface
  • A property management system for users and websites
  • A payment management system
  • Ability to subscribe users to push notifications without any external software
  • Mass-editing capabilities
  • Automated interpretation of requests and responses for XML and JSON
  • Interactive reporting with self-optimization features
  • Custom filtering and blocking for individual IP addresses, IP netmasks and ASNAMEs

Although the main purpose of the platform is to ease the workload of clients who exchange ad traffic, in order to use the platform, basic understanding of how this process takes place is needed.

A few general terms which you should be familiar with in order to successfully use the platform : XML / JSON feeds, demand, supply, payment terms such as NET30, NET45 etc.

Development environment

Adtransfer, like most web application nowadays, was developed using more than one programming language, this includes 3rd party libraries which helped build what you see and enjoy using.


PHPUsed for backend programming
JavaScriptUsed for the interface functions and some page-level filters
HTML & HTML5Used for the interface
CSS & CSS3Used for interface styling

3rd party resources

curlUsed for requests while querying demand endpoints
BootstrapUsed for the interface structure
jQueryUsed for the interface functions
ApexChartsUsed for rendering the charts within the platform
DataTablesUsed for rendering interactive tables
Supported browsers

Adtransfer has been performance tested on various browsers, however some features may be inaccessible on older versions due to the lack of features of those respective browsers.

Recommended browsers

  • Google Chrome: Version 80+
  • Firefox: Version 75+
  • Opera: 67+
  • Safari: Version 13+
  • Microsoft Edge: Version 81+
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